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Ellen Memorial Health Care Center 23 Ellen Memorial Lane Honesdale, PA 18431
Telephone: (570) 253-5690 E-mail: [email protected]

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    Staff Directory

    Position Name Extension Email
    Administrator James Miller X-137 [email protected]
    Director of Nursing Debra Slish X-179 [email protected]
    Admissions Coordinator Eric Turbolski X-131 [email protected]
    Assistant Director of Nursing Mindy Bresset X-110 [email protected]
    Social Services Director Taylor Yazdzik X-132 [email protected]
    Billing/Census Lisa LaBruno X-130 [email protected]
    Business Office Manager Cindy Chandler (570) 251-1014 [email protected]
    Dietary Manager Nick Eitutis X-117 [email protected]
    Dietician Marissa Bolsar X-148 [email protected]
    Environmental Manager Donna Scott X-150 [email protected]
    Human Resources/Payroll Lisa Cameron X-114 [email protected]
    Finance Manager Elise Burlein X-122 [email protected]
    LNAC/Restorative Services Kimberly Seifert X-165 [email protected]
    Maintenance Director (570) 352-8256  [email protected]
    Medical Records Tammy Steipp X-151 [email protected]
    Nursing Scheduler Kristen Scarpaci X-114 [email protected]
    Receptionist X-0 [email protected]
    Resident Appt Coordinator Brooke Blaine X-151 [email protected]
    RN Nurse Manager Barbara Yerkes X-112 [email protected]
    RNAC Gina Bronson X-162 [email protected]
    Therapy Director Katie Meyer X-115 [email protected]
    Activity Director Amy Kyser X-166 [email protected]
    RN Nurse Manager Lee DeFazio X-111 [email protected]